Choosing a Mantra

A mantra is a sound or combination of words that are believed to have psychological and spiritual powers. Coming from Sanskrit, the word mantra is comprised of two parts: "man", which means mind and "tra", which is the root of the word instrument.

Mantras were literally supposed to be an instrument of the mind.

They were first composed by Hindus in India over 3000 years ago and since then, many other religions have adopted the idea of the mantra.

In today’s times, mantras can be seen as personal slogan that reflects someone’s inner beliefs or how they live their life, and are commonly used in meditation. Having that inspirational sound or phrase can be a wonderful way to center yourself.

A mantra is either given to you by a teacher or chosen by yourself. When selecting a mantra, be clear on what your intention is, and use your intuition over your intellect.

A short guide of how to chose your mantra can be:

  1. Chant a traditional meditation phrase or noise. “Om”, is actually a great way to start. Other sounds could be “Ah” or “Mmm.”
  2. Choose a positive affirmation that combats a lie you unknowingly tell yourself. One of our favorite mantras has been “I commit to just being myself”. 
  3. Pick a virtue you wish to develop. Chant or repet the virtue you wish to cultivate in yourself. “Patience” or “kindness” or “hope” all make great mantras.
  4. Craft your mantra in the positive and keep it short. If you’re choosing a phrase that is specific to you and your current situation, keep it short (one short sentence) and keep it positive. 

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