Using a Mala

According to yogic traditions, a mantra is a Sanskrit word or phrase that has special powers to transform consciousness, promote healing or fulfill desires.

Sitting in a comfortable position, with the eyes closed, the mantra is repeated silently or aloud. The mind is focused on the mantra, the thoughts are let go of and the breath is slow and deep.

Hold your mala in your right hand and use your thumb to “count” each mantra by touching the bead during the recitation and then lightly pushing the bead away on completion and moving to the next bead. 

The index finger is extended and should not touch the mala. The guru bead should not be counted or touched by the thumb and is used as a starting and ending point of the recitation. If you have a wrist mala of 27 beads you will need to repeat this 3 more times. Continue by pulling the beads and going backwards until you again end at the guru and continue until you have done 108 repetitions, or multiples of 108.

These mantras are powerful and should be kept confidential and practiced in private.

Practice without feeling is only an intellectual exercise and does little benefit. Heart energy energises and drives the practice.

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A mantra is a sound or combination of words that are believed to have psychological and spiritual powers. Coming from Sanskrit, the word mantra is comprised of two parts: "man", which means mind and "tra", which is the root of the word instrument.

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