Our Story

One of the most striking sensations I lived with since I was little, was that "someone" is telling me what to do. And I did not always manage to surprise this "someone". Most times I've explained it in the broader context of family; I grew up being the youngest and, since I can remember, I had the term of comparison. 

I soon joined those of my generation who were told they can differentiate themselves only by their creativity. And because that "someone" told me I could only live through beautiful things, I started working in the fashion industry where my creative spirit could soar in shapes, colors, trends, numbers. And every year, over and over again, the same... Yet, that "someone" was telling me that it’s not enough and I just have to dare to look beyond the superficial.

It wasn’t until I confronted myself with the first issues of young adulthood, when I took a break from the real world through some personal problems, I started looking again. And at that moment I understood that I wasn’t being  told "what I should do", but I was actually asked "who am I?". It was not hard to discover that my passions were related to yoga, meditation and other holistic approaches of life. Just as, it wasn’t hard at all to give up after 10 years of working in an industry that didn’t bring me enough satisfaction.

I decided to follow my inner voice, to devote myself to the practice of yoga and meditation, to discover the fundamental values necessary for a new personal construction.

I firstly discovered mala through a home mala, and I knew I had found my healer, the one who will help me in my spiritual journey. And although full of healing properties, none of the malas found were what I really wanted. But a thing so beautiful as a mala could not but arouse again the creator in me. And so I learned more about them, about the stones and how they can be assembled harmoniously to bring healing as it was brought to me. Because, in the end, the journey is more important than the destination.

Today I understand that only by offering your authentic self, you can really bring out the creator, the healer and the most meaning for the others around you.

It’s not just my story here, this is the story of many in the journey of self understanding, and because it’s my inner-adventure that is bringing my ultimate healing. Namaste!

Mind Beads founder Alexandra